Drop Zone FAQ's

These are some of our most frequently asked questions. If yours doesn't appear in this list, please email us at dropzone@smd.mb.ca.

What are the fundraising requirements?
The 2019 fundraising requirements are:

• $1,500 for individual
• $2,500 for a team of two 
• $5,000 for a team of four

But don’t stop there. We have some great prizes to be awarded for the highest fundraisers and of course, all the funds go to a great cause.

Will the Society for Manitobans with Disabilities (SMD) Foundation/Easter Seals™ Manitoba provide fundraising help?

After you register, we will send you tips to help maximize your fundraising efforts. For example, some people reach their fundraising goal by going door to door, by planning events such as bake sales or BBQs or simply by reaching out to friends and family. Your fundraising opportunities are endless!

Is this legal?

Yes! All appropriate authorities have been notified and permits as well as insurance are in place.

Will I receive training?

Yes, prior to your rappel you will be required to attend at least ONE mandatory training session provided. The day of your rappel, you will also go through a review of the safety steps that will ensure you have a safe and fun rappel.

How safe is this?

As with everything, there are risks. It is important that you take the proper training, listen to your rappelling instructors and follow their directions. Everyone involved with your rappel has professional training and accreditation and every effort has been made to ensure you have a safe rappel. You will be guided by specialized experts from Tacten, formally known as Remote Access Technology, North America's leading rope access and remote access training and service supply company. They specialize in confined space access work, high altitude industrial maintenance work, high angle rescue and rescue training. Their safety training programs and safety record are based on the use of IRATA certified professionals only.

How fit do I have to be to rappel?

You need to be reasonably healthy to rappel although you do not have to be physically fit. The speed of descent is controlled by technique rather than strength. The only limitations we have are by the size of the available harnesses. Of course if you have special requirements, please contact the Event Coordinator, Diana Simpson, at (204) 975-3114 or dropzone@smd.mb.ca.

How long will it take me to rappel?

Your rate of decent will be determined by the speed you are comfortable rappelling at.  Our experts estimate that it will take you anywhere from 10-15 minutes based on the building and the level of your experience.

Can my family and friends come see me rappel?

Of course! We welcome your family and friends to watch you be a Superhero for Manitobans with disabilities by rappelling on event day! A viewing area for event day will be set up and vendors may be on site. Please remember that with any live event there could be delays and that your scheduled time to rappel could end up being later than marked. We will have a DJ at the event who will not only announce all Drop Zone participants rappelling down, but will also announce any delays in the day’s schedule.

Do I need special gear or clothing?

All essential equipment will be provided, however we encourage you to wear tighter fitting, comfortable, athletic clothing and non-marking sneakers.

Will there be people there to help me?

Yes, highly trained experts will guide you through the whole process.

Is there an age and weight limit?

Yes, you must be at least 18 years old and you must not exceed 275 pounds.

Will I be strong enough to hold the rope?

Yes, the speed of descent is controlled by technique as opposed to strength.

What if I get tired and want to stop?

You can stop to rest quite easily by using the proper technique. Also, either the top, or bottom rappelling instructor can also stop you.

What if I let go of the rope?

If you let go of the rope one of two safety systems will engage. Either the self- locking mechanism at the top will stop you, or the person at the bottom will brake for you. Depending on where you let go of the rope, you can expect to rappel 4 or 5 feet before the safety system engages.

Will I burn my hands on the rope?

The friction generated by the rope against your gloves will cause your hand to get hot. Start rappelling slowly to gauge how much heat will be generated. Once again, good technique will reduce how much heat is generated from friction.

What if the rope breaks?

The rope won’t break, or get cut. The rope is designed to hold 4500 kilograms. In addition every possible safety precaution has been implemented to ensure your safety and success during this event. Certified experts, back-up safety lines, participant training, frequent on site safety checks and many other precautions will be taken prior to and during your rappel.